Flagging / Traffic Control

Our Commitment to our Customers:


Our Flaggers will be on time and ready to work. Flaggers will arrive with the appropriate equipment required for the job, including the necessary PPE.


Our Traffic Control Coordinator is at your service and is a constant source of communication and feedback for all job sites. This centralized component provides timely updates on locations and start times which gives our Flaggers the necessary information to be on time and ready to work for you every day.

Fully Trained and Certified Personnel!

All of our Flaggers are trained in MUTCD standards and are Certified Flaggers. The benefits of Certification include:

  • Commitment and Dedication to Safety
  • Professionalism and Excellence
  • Reduction in Corporate Liability
  • Compliance with State Mandates
  • Increased Innovation and Cost Savings

Safety is #1!

Fenix Goup is fully committed to the advancement of Work Zone Safety. Besides being fully trained in MUTCD standards, Fenix Group Flaggers also receive invaluable safety and industry training, tips and “lessons learned” throughout the year. Our Flaggers are also certified in 1st Aid, OSHA10 and CPR.

Fenix Group also administers random SAFETY INSPECTIONS on our job sites to help us assess our services. These inspections include evaluating the proper use of PPE, radio usage, positioning as well as overall attitude and job performance.

Flagger Employment Application