Concrete barriers are perfect for redirecting the flow of traffic during construction or for where ever traffic needs to be blocked. Concrete barriers can be used for other purposes including security, segregation of materials and shoring.

We sell used and new pre-cast concrete barriers.

Used Barriers

Due to availability, maintenance, effectiveness and speed of installation, used concrete barriers are a cost-effective solution for many situations:

  • Protect construction workers by keeping stray vehicles from entering a work zone;
  • Deter unwanted traffic from access points/driveways;
  • Secure perimeters;
  • Protect utilities from heavy equipment or tractor trailers;
  • Protect above-ground fuel tanks;
  • Segregate bulk materials, such as salt or landscape materials;
  • Stream diversion;
  • Build retaining walls;
  • Inhibit erosion for areas that suffer extreme washouts.


The majority of the used barrier in inventory are 34” h x 12’ l with a 24” wide base. Each barrier weighs approximately 5,000 lbs. At any given time we may also have other sizes of used barrier, in either 52″ or 48″ heights. Please contact us for more information on barrier availability.

Please note: Used barrier will show wear and tear from weather, relocation and equipment. Barrier may have chips and minor cracks along with paint markings. You may patch and paint used barrier if your situation requires a particular look.

New Barriers

We supply various types of approved NCHRP 350 barriers as well as other pre-cast concrete products. Please contact us for more information and to discuss your specific project requirements.